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Welcome to this decent website! It will generate you infinte variations of POWER METAL song titles! Why this?! To demonstrate how easy it is to create an own album for POWER METAL bands you all know!

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Demon Of Dwarves

01 The Imaginations from five old Kingdoms 5:07
02 Fighting Battles 8:42
03 Enchanting Dwarves 7:29
04 Winters are raging Defenders 10:13
    I. Killing Fire
   II. The Demons of shiny Trolls
05 The Storm defeats bright Lords 4:18
06 Myth is enlighting Lands 3:12
07 The Legends from thousand ancient Fires 6:56
08 Raging Knight 8:23
Bonus tracks
09 A God kills Gods (Live) 3:05
10 Gates are killing one Blood 4:03

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