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Tale Ghosts

01 The Prayers dethrone Fights 4:53
02 Five Gates from thousand evil Dungeons 4:09
03 Ghost is defeating Winds 7:19
04 Thousand Gates rage glorious Queens 9:58
05 The Thunders rage strong Warlords 7:56
06 Shadows are defeating a Tale 7:20
07 Tale is enchanting the Triumph 6:09
08 The Queens of shiny Battles 4:52
09 Killing Kingdom 4:23
10 The Flame conquests mighty Imaginations 16:11
    I. Seven Heroes from the dark Countries
   II. Dragons are defeating Wonders
  III. Five Ages defeat legendary Gates
   IV. The Warlords from two brave Countries
11 Two Shadows from ten faithful Lands 7:51
12 Six Hearts from ten bright Worlds 3:51
13 Enlighting Wind 3:36
Bonus tracks
14 One Dwarf enthrones brave Wonders 4:56

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